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Developer: Qualisys
Type: Motion Capture
Website: Qualisys




Qualisys Track Manager

QTM is the software that allows the user to perform real time 2D and 3D motion capture using Qualisys motion capture hardware. QTM is designed to meet the needs of the advanced as well as the inexperienced users in many application areas ranging from the visual effects industry to medical research.


The Oqus range of cameras is the new platform for the Qualisys motion capture systems. In addition to the precision and real time marker generation, the cameras are also capable of recording high-speed, high-resolution video. The dual functionality opens the door to entirely new areas of applications. This third generation of high quality cameras from Qualisys, builds on the proven and unique concept of real-time marker calculation, inside the camera.

  • High speed motion capture
  • High speed video
  • Sensor resolution: 0.3, 1.3 and 4 Mpixels
  • Real-time with low latency
  • Wireless communication and battery power

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