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Developer: Pixar
Type: Rendering
Website: Pixar's RenderMan Studio


The Ultimate Rendering

Shading, rendering, compositing, and renderfarm management in one package.


RenderMan for Maya Pro™

This is the "Pro" version of RenderMan for Maya, with additional features for creating custom solutions — RIB out, support for DSOs, procedurals, and other advanced features.

"it"™ — The Image Tool

"it" is Pixar's imaging tool, a scriptable framebuffer/render viewer that has a powerful image processing back end that allows artists to manipulate and composite renders directly from RenderMan.

Slim™ — The Shader Tool

Slim is a powerful visual shader authoring tool used in Pixar's own movies. It is similar to Maya's Hypershade, but possesses tight low-level integration with all of RenderMan's features.

Tractor™ — The Renderfarm Tool

Easily dispatch render jobs to any machine on your network using Tractor. Tractor takes care of machine management, distribution of render jobs, priorities, user groups, etc. Monitor your renderfarm remotely at anytime (even weekends).


Rendered with RenderMan


Flamingo Pride | Directed by Tomer Eshed © Talking Animals


Flamingo Pride | Directed by Tomer Eshed © Talking Animals



The Troll Hunter | Storm Studios



Alien Nature | Pascal Raimbault

Jellyfish girl | Pascal Raimbault


Mushroom | Dylan Sisson

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