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Developer: Pixar
Type: Rendering
Website: Pixar's RenderMan Pro Server



Pixar's core rendering technology

Pixar’s RenderMan® Pro Server is  the same software that Pixar uses to render its own feature film animation. It’s a high performance renderer built to tackle the most complicated 3D imaginable ... with production-hardened technology that is stable, reliable, and flexible. Pixar’s RenderMan® Pro Server delivers breathtaking results again and again.


Fast and Dependable

Pixar develops RenderMan for production, so every version is faster and more reliable than the previous one. In fact, because Pixar uses RenderMan exclusively, the software has already been pushed to the extreme, so it's ready to render anything you can throw at it.

Tools of the Trade

RenderMan is not only fast and powerful, it also possesses a wealth of sophisticated features for the creation of a vast range of styles and effects. These features of RenderMan give you all the controls you need to complete your vision, wherever it may take you.

Versatile Rendering System

Use RenderMan to create any look you need. From simulating traditional 2D animation to creating complex yet subtle environmental effects, RenderMan will deliver.

Ray Tracing and Global Illumination

The ray tracing and global illumination features have been integrated with Pixar's highly evolved implementation of the REYES "scanline" rendering algorithm so that you only incur the overhead associated with these effects when and where you need them. RenderMan shader developers can selectively invoke RenderMan's ray tracing subsystem to invent new solutions to difficult production problems or to achieve physically correct illumination effects.

Render Passes For Compositing

RenderMan lets you smoothly integrate special effects into film by accurately simulating the behavior of physical cameras. RenderMan's motion blur and depth-of-field use a patented anti-aliasing technique that blurs synthetic images so they realistically simulate their conventionally filmed counterparts. Pixar's new multi-segment motion blur even lets you approximate the nonlinear motion of objects — spinning, for example — within a single frame.

Rendered with RenderMan


Flamingo Pride | Directed by Tomer Eshed © Talking Animals


Flamingo Pride | Directed by Tomer Eshed © Talking Animals



The Troll Hunter | Storm Studios



Alien Nature | Pascal Raimbault

Jellyfish girl | Pascal Raimbault


Mushroom | Dylan Sisson



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