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V-Ray 3.5 for MODO seamlessly integrates production-proven rendering capabilities into MODO’s native workflow. Its twin-engine rendering architecture is designed to take full advantage of the latest CPU and GPU computing technology. Built to handle the toughest projects and biggest scenes, V-Ray for MODO will fit into any production pipeline. With a full suite of creative tools, V-Ray lets you render anything and everything – from quick design models to your most detailed 3D scenes.

What’s New

  • Adaptive Lights: Fast new lighting algorithm that speeds up rendering up to 7x faster in scenes with many lights.
  • Improved GPU rendering: Significant speed improvements, smarter memory management and support for more production features than ever before.
  • alSurface material: General-purpose shader by Anders Langlands with layered SSS and glossy fresnel reflections — popular for skin.
  • Glossy Fresnel: New, physically-accurate reflection model.
  • Texture Isolate: Isolate selected textures directly on your model during interactive rendering for easier texture placement and fine-tuning of procedural textures like Dirt or Noise.
  • Render zoom & Enhance region: Zero in on any part of your image to fine-tune your renders quickly and easily.
  • Powerful new VFB: Select Materials and items directly in the V-Ray Frame Buffer. Plus new camera controls let you change focus distance and F-Stop.
  • Interactive lens effects: GPU-accelerated glare and bloom effects that can be enabled and adjusted while rendering.


New rental license option

In addition to our standard perpetual licenses, Chaos Group now offers two new types of rental licenses:

  • Short Term Rental (1 month) license.
  • Long Term Rental (12 months) license.

Online licensing

Please note that for now online licensing is available only for purchases of new licenses.

20% off on new purchases of V-Ray 3 for MODO

Anyone who purchases a new perpetual license of V-Ray 3 Workstation for MODO, for the period between May 31st and June 23rd is eligible to a 20% discount on official pricing. This promotion includes one workstation license plus one render node.
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