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This release introduces the following improvements, fixes, and miscellaneous changes.

New Features:

  • A new pattern for the easy creation of realistic hair has been added, PxrHairColor.
  • A new manifold for the control and creation of random texture assignments has been added, PxrRandomTextureManifold.
  • PxrManifold2D has Invert S. Defaults to 0 or off.
  • Lights (PxrRectLight, PxrDomeLight, and PxrPortalLight) have added parameters to control texture map saturation and gamma.
  • PxrIntMultLightFilter has new parameter Saturation.
  • PxrVCM now supports an additional parameter: 'specularCurveFilter' (float, default value: 1.0f). This allows the user to de-activate specular roughness filtering. Specular roughness filtering usually yields renders with less noise, but this may result in inaccurate caustics. Set this value to 0.0f when you want to render ground-truth caustics.
  • Single scatter volumes now work with deep images.
  • RenderMan now supports integer display channels. Use DisplayChannel "int foo" or similar to create them. These channels require either zmin or zmax filtering and will default to 1x1zmin. Integer builtin AOVs (such as "id") assigned to an integer channel will now be passed through as raw bits instead of converted to floating point values.
  • PxrNormalMap has a new "orientation" parameter to either select between standard orientations (OpenGL or DirectX) or manual settings (Custom).


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Material Library Update

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