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The NUKE 10 release focuses on enhancing performance, increasing stability, blitzing bugs and delivering new functionality in the areas that matter most to artists: paint, rendering, playback, export and more.

NUKE STUDIO’s timeline toolset is now even better, with new in‐timeline Soft Effects including a real‐time keyer and color correction; enhanced audio handling; and a big push on improving performance.

Highlights include:

  • Ray trace renderer 
    As an addition to the existing ScanlineRender node workflow, the Ray Renderer delivers high‐quality motion blur and shadows; point light shadow support; faster nonlinear spherical projection; and extended support for reflections and ambient occlusion.
  • Accelerated Roto Paint performance 
    With a number of bottlenecks identified and addressed, you’ll be able to do far more painting or cloning in a single node where previously you’d need to split it up over multiple nodes.
  • Vector Blur enhancements 
    The new version makes better use of the available processing power in machines with many CPU cores and offers the option for GPU acceleration. Giving a higher quality motion blur results, including areas of occlusion.
  • Localization system improvements
    Taking the best parts of NUKE and NUKE STUDIO to produce a faster, easier‐to‐use solution that features a more informative and responsive UI, together with greater stability.
  • OCIO Integration 
    OpenColorIO has been integrated into NUKE’s root LUT management, so artists can use the same process for accessing OCIO LUTs as any other type.
  • NVIDIA multi ‐GPU support
    New support for harnessing the power of dual identical NVIDIA GPUs for all existing and future GPU‐accelerated nodes.
  • BlinkScript GLSL GPU path 
    The BlinkScript node can now use a GLSL GPU path, allowing you to create custom GPU‐enabled Soft Effects on the NUKE STUDIO timeline and in the node graph.
  • VFX Reference Platform 2015 updates 
    Updates to the VFX Reference Platform libraries include Pyside to version 1.2.2; EXR to version 2.2, featuring DWAA/DWAB compression; and GCC to version 4.8.3.

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